Auto Transport Options

Transporting Your Vehicle When Moving to Miami

There are several reasons why people ship cars long distance, the main reason is that after a residential move there are not enough able bodies in the household to drive all the family cars to their new location. Military personnel also have regular need of auto transport as well as vacationers who wish to have their vehicles shipped to them in lieu of rental cars. This is the time to enlist the services of an auto transport company.

Station to Station

Auto transport is a service that will deliver your vehicle from one destination to another. They accomplish this by either hiring drivers to drive your car or by use of a car carrier (trailer). They are delivered door to door in accordance with your specific instructions. If your budget doesn’t allow the door to door option then many carriers have a “terminal to terminal” system. You may have to drive a bit to pick up your car but because they don’t have to follow a customized route the price should be considerably closer.

You may find that charges from different transport companies will vary greatly. This is because there are no real federal guidelines that govern the auto transport industry. Do not accept the lowest bid without doing some research first, especially if the quote is ridiculously low. Remember, you are putting these people in charge of a very large investment of yours, your vehicle.

Check References

While they are not carved in stone, auto transport prices are based on a number of factors such as the distance that the move covered and the number of vehicles that you are shipping. Also, jobs on the spur of the moment tend to cost a bit more. It is wise to get multiple quotes and to look into any testimonials the company can provide. Go to their website and see if there are any online reviews that customers have submitted.

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