Packing Electronics When Moving

How to Properly Pack Electronics for a Move

Electronics pose a unique situation when moving. Their delicate nature requires that they be packed in a much different manner than other items. Even before the packaging begins there are steps you need to take to ensure that the shipment of your equipment goes smoothly.


The first thing that you should do is to disconnect all the wires one at a time. Using masking tape label every wire and every corresponding port from which it was removed. Colored tags can also be used to mark your cables and ports. Skipping this step won’t make it impossible to reconnect your electronics but it sure will make it a lot less frustrating when it comes time to reassemble. After you have labeled all detachable cords and wires they should be stored and shipped together in a bag or box of some type.

Remove any ink or toner cartridges that may be installed on your equipment and ship them separately to avoid a mess. If you still have the original packaging laying around than by all means use it to pack up your electronics. Roll up the cords and cables and secure them with rubber bands or twist ties. It is also a good idea to use anti-static packing materials such as plastic bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts.

Handle With Care

Say for example you are packing a home theater system. After wrapping each piece individually and lining the bottom of the box generously with padding, center the largest piece in the center of the box. Fill holes with smaller items such as the speakers. Use copious amounts of packing materials between each item. No piece should physically touch any other piece in the packing or shipping process.

Be cautious when packing and shipping any type of electronic equipment. Properly label the box as electronics and mark it “fragile”. If you are uncertain of what you are doing then perhaps you should enlist the aid of professionals to help you, it will be worth the peace of mind that it will give you.

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