Moving Specialty Items

How to Properly Move Specialty Items When Moving

Moving specialty items such as pianos and large antiques is a job best left to those who do it for a living. Valuable items need the care and protection of a moving team that is able to do the job correctly. Pianos, antiques or large awkward pieces of furniture often require not only muscle but special equipment to move them properly. Regardless, what might seem like an easy job could turn into an expensive nightmare if you try and do it yourself.

Find the Best

Before you decide on a moving service to handle your specialty items do your homework. Don’t pick a company just because they say “yes”, everyone is going to say they can do the job to get your business. Check references by calling them yourself and speaking to them to see if they were satisfied with the service that was provided. I f you are moving to a new residence with all of your belongings be certain that you are not being charged extra for any specialty items that you have.

Can you imagine trying to relocate a large slate pool table on your own? Your buddies and a case of beer is a horrible moving plan for a couple of reasons. First, the expense that is going to be involved when something gets broken or damaged. Then there is the safety issue, I’m almost positive that your friends are not wearing back braces or using proper lifting techniques.

Seek the Advice of a Pro

When you gather your price quotes be sure and tell the moving team what type of piano you wish to have moved or the nature of your specialty item (large antique, etc.). They may have to determine whether the item needs to be put in a crate or just padded securely. Anyone who has large, valuable items needs to seek the advice of a trained professional. They will be able to formulate a move plan that will get your specialty item relocated safely and securely. Plus, the confidence and peace of mind that hiring a reputable moving service to do the job for you is priceless.

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