How Much Will My Move Cost?

Calculating Moving Costs when Relocating Cross Country

Calculating moving costs is not difficult but unless you know what a particular moving company charges for their service it will be tough to come up with even a ballpark figure. On average, the contents of a four bedroom home weigh in at about 9000 lbs. Most Miami moving companies have cost calculators that give you a good idea of how much they are going to charge you to haul 9000 lbs. halfway across the country.

Additional Charges

There will be a few other charges that need to be factored in; insurance, your fuel costs and any other expenses you may incur while traveling (food, souvenirs, etc.). There are opportunities to save money on a move. Consider doing as much of the packing as you can yourself. AAA members often get discounts on trips of any kind. Another important factor is how far in advance you schedule your move. Relocation scheduled in advance brings a cheaper price. Conversely, moves scheduled on the spur of the moment will cost you more.

If budget is a concern than get quotes from several different moving agencies in the area. Price ranges will vary but find who is most acceptable on your available budget. A moving representative will come to your home or place of business and give you an estimate or you can input some basic information online and get a pretty good idea of what moving expenses might run.

Shop Around

Be certain that the price quote that you receive is going to be the final price. Try to avoid outfits with abnormally low rates as they are either not very good at what they do or trying to lure you in and hit you with hidden charges later. The key is to find a company that gives you all the support and supplies you need that best fits your budget.

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