What Not to Pack When Moving

If you are planning a move in the near future it is likely that you will be inundated with information on what to pack and how to pack it. This information will undoubtedly be useful but just as useful is a list of things to not pack. Besides the stuff you leave behind intentionally there are items that are dangerous and even illegal to transport.

Acids and Corrosives and Abrasives, Oh My

Acids, corrosives and abrasives are 3 of the most common items that should never be packed and shipped any distance, much less cross country. Aerosol cans are the most common offenders. The temperature inside a moving van can get very hot on occasion and aerosol cans will explode if the conditions are right.

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Dispose of all nail polish, bleach and cleaning solvents (or at least keep them off the moving van). You will need to drain any gas and oil from the lawn equipment and of course no other fuels such as kerosene and diesel. Paints, paint thinners ammonia and other dangerous chemicals need to be excluded, as well are car batteries to guard against leakage.

Gun Safety

Pool chemicals and weed killers are also best left behind. Other combustibles include fireworks, ammunition, loaded guns, lighters and the like. Of course your grill needs to go with but fuels like charcoal lighter fluid and propane tanks need to shipped otherwise.

There are things that need to be packed but kept with you at all times. These items include anything that you consider valuable but also things like medications and cell phones. Whether it be jewelry or birth certificates if it means a great deal to you then make certain that your “valuables box” rides with you at all times.

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